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Thread: Get Ready To Battle Your Brain Against The Best !

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    Get Ready To Battle Your Brain Against The Best !

    I have received 3 email about this. Has anyone taken this challenge?
    If you’ve got the brains, brilliance and ingenuity to crack the code of the world-renowned cipher specialist Mr X, you’ll receive international fame, glory and a Sony CLIÉ valued at $500.

    And if you’re one of the 20 brainy runners-up, you can tell the world in a limited edition THAWTE Crypto-Challenge winner’s T-shirt.

    The THAWTE Crypto-Challenge is now open. So get cracking, register now at

    If you know of any other top codebreakers who might like to decipher the THAWTE Crypto-Challenge, please feel free to forward this email onto them.

    Warning: Only TOP brains need register.


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    Oh yes this is nice.

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    Damn looks like i wont be getting a t-shirt

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