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    I myself have disabled java and am using "opera browser", I think it is the best solution against IE security holes. I hope this will help.
    also for getting rid of annoying pop ups , download "proxomitoron". ( )

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    THanks man

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    Also, it may not have been an email that changed the default home for your browser. Java script can do that quite easily, and through some clever disguise, someone might con you into choosing the option they wanted you to. Some pop-ups control the appearance of the window that they appear in, and it is possible to make a pop-up window appear to be a browser window, when in fact the tool-bar and window frames have been removed. By clicking on the "X" in the upper right hand corner, you're actually executing whatever link the pop-up has in store for you. The best way I've found to close pop-up windows is with Alt-F4 on the highlighted pop-up window on the Start bar. Perhaps this is review for most people, but ya never know.
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    Hey ROBING... easy solution - turn off JavaScript and you won't have these sorts of problems anymore.
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