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Thread: Picture Uploads

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    Picture Uploads

    I'm having trouble uploading a new photo to my profile, it seems as if it's doing it, but I just get a blank box with an X and it says photo not found at the bottom. I don't know if this is a bug or not. Is anyone else having trouble changing their photo?

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    I have had same problem with my avatar uploading, and when I close my firewall ( zonealarm ) I could upload it.

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    i haven't been able to up-load anything, its like you said GG, it appears to be working but it's not.
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    I got that problem, but I assumed it was because my photo broke the size/memory rules, so I wasn't arsed trying again.
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    Im having the same problem. Ive tried it on several computers. None of them will upload the pictures. Ive tried turning my firewall off and it doesn't help either. I hope that someone can come up with a solution :-)
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    i had exactly the same problem a few days ago but after trying a few days in a row it suddenly done it without me changing anything.

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    Queen Nelly and I had the same problem, and decided it was b/c JP had anti-girl code because he didn't want pictures of girls on his website...and when I saw that Greek Goddess had the same problem, I said AHA!! But now we seem to have several men with the same problem, so that's probably not it....dang.

    Anyway, mine finally worked after hours of trying it. It was very very frustrating, but I finally got it on there...BTW, you guys are probably never ever going to see another pic of me, cause I have grey hair now after stressing myself out over the last one.

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    I used to have problems getting avatars & stuff. NP now though....

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    It's Antionline ALL the pics are gone from the profiles....JP we need you

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