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    Exclamation port scanning

    i just found superscan the other day(by reference of another post) and i like to play around with it. however, is it illegal to portscan? could i get in trouble or be arrested?? thanks fellas

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    Don't think it is illegal, but depending on who you decide to pick on and how much you scan, you could draw alot of attention to yourself very quickly...why not set up a private LAN and play all you want and then you don't have to worry about it a bit ?

    And don't forget, depending on how you scan, your scan could result in a DoS condition at the target end ... and that most definitely would be a 'bad' thing...
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    no its not illegal to port scan..however your ISP can terminate your account

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    Ummm... why would it be illegal to scan your own machines? If you're planning on scanning someone else's, you should just lay your fingers across the desk now while each one of us takes out a yard stick and "applies" it appropriately.
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    As others said it is not illegal, like anon mailing, BUT it depends, I recommend you:
    1.Do not scan government & Millitery networks. ( you will get into trubble! )
    2. Do not scan for trojan ports, eg. 27373, 1243, ....

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