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Thread: Linksys Router Configuration Tutorial - Part 2

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    Linksys Router Configuration Tutorial - Part 2

    This is part 2 of my Linksys series - DHCP configuration and IP address assignments to the boxes in the network. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is a means of assigning IP addresses to machines every time they boot up. A DHCP server holds a pool of IP addresses for this purpose. When a machine boots up an IP address is given to the network interface through the DHCP server. to configure the DHCP server log into your router as explained in the first Linksys tutorial. Then click the DHCP tab. When you get to this tab you will see the option to enable or disable DHCP. If you want to use DHCP set this to Enable and leave the starting IP address as is. Then enter the number of machines you have on your LAN in the next box below. The file LinksysDHCP in the attached Zip file shows this screenshot. You should then see the file WindowsDHCPIPConfig for a screeshot of how to configure your NIC (note, this was taken in Windows XP Professional. Windows 9x/NT/2K are similar). If you wish to use static IP assigments select Disable for the DHCP server then see the file WindowsStaticIP config to see how to configure the NIC to work with Static IP's. UNIX confguration also works in this same manner. Just plug in the right IP's where needed If there are any further questions about this tutorial please reply to this post

    Next up...port forwarding and router security

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    Originally posted here by RuffRyder
    great job!
    Thank you Jan.. I'm hoping this series will help a lot of people configure their routers

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    Great man. This is very nice. Im definitely keeping this one.

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    This goes to my collection
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    Thanks guys for all the positive comments on my tutorial . Part 3 will be up as soon as I have time to make the screenshots for it .

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