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Thread: What's better then a floppy and just as Universal?

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    Smile What's better then a floppy and just as Universal?

    Hey All,

    Was reading Maxim Mag and noticed a newish device by Sony.

    It's basically a memory stick. It requires no special software (except win98), works on *most* OSs (couldn't find any info on Linux - sent e-mail to find out) and connects easily through USB.

    Here's the breakdown:
    -The device transfers at 1.5mb/sec and can hold from 16 to 128mbs (beats Zip Disks - except the 250mb ones)
    -It's small and has a stylist MIB stick look to it. (3.62" long)
    -Work's on both 1.1 and 2.0 USB
    -1,000,000 r/w
    -It also has a sort of security issue where you can password protect the data (unfortunetaly only in win2k/xp)

    Figrued I'd share this with everyone. I find myself using many computers and finding either sites I want to bookmark, files I want to keep or give (transfer drivers from computer to computer)

    How does it work, exactly? Dunno... I'm guessing you just plug it in and it's there. Sony only sais: "just like you would to a hard drive or floppy disk."

    Click Here to read about it....

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    Looks like an interesting device,

    but, I wouldnt even call floppies universal anymore. Many laptops are shipping without floppy drives(both my personal, and work laptop dont have one), but with CDRW drives these days. I personally have a CDRW drive on every workstation I use, and I cannot say I have had a purpose for a floppy in a long long time(except as am emergency boot disk, which cant be done with this device Im guessing(but can be done with CD)).

    Thanks for the info though. 8)

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    Have a couple of these and they are great, nothing to install see's it as another HD! Great for larger files or say your at company X and they want to give you files plug it in they dump the files and off you go. Also a great way to back up important files if one like to tweak their system all the time. Not to expensive and like I said real handy.
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    mini-cdrws beat the heck out of floppies (use it like a floppy, but a lot bigger and faster)........you were right when you said the memory sticks were newISH, they've been out for a few months (maybe longer).....I think some mice that come with VAIOs even have a USB port built in to them for the mem sticks (maybe not the same ones). Kinda cool, huh?

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    Thanks for the info Palemoon....
    Was wondering how those things actually worked...

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    heh as always thinkgeek.com turns up the goods
    knew I had seen what you were talking about somewhere!!

    Targus Go-Anywhere USB Drive


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    These are sort of old... basically they are just sticks of persistent RAM chips. Older-than-98 Windows OSes come with the needed drivers ("USB mass storage device" or something) pre-loaded, but Win98 needs to have drivers installed.

    It's just like a bit stick of nonvolatile ram that has a USB port on it
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