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Thread: News: Security Priority #1 at MicroSoft

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    News: Security Priority #1 at MicroSoft

    Looks like MS is starting to get the message. I was just up in the area last week (and even managed to visit smoe friends at the campus) and can say that there are signs tacked up around the place, reminding employees about the effort...

    Secure Coding
    by David Wong
    last updated June 20, 2002


    Building Secure Systems

    Several months ago, Bill Gates announced that security would be the number one priority at Microsoft. Several groups at Microsoft, such as the Trusted Computing Group and the Secure Windows Initiative strive to improve security in Microsoft products and ultimately improve security for individuals and corporations worldwide. These initiatives are not surprising, considering the major vulnerabilities found recently in Windows XP, Internet Information Server, Internet Explorer, and Outlook. Due to the popularity of Microsoft products and their market share, the vulnerabilities have caused havoc all across the Internet. If Microsoft, with itís billions of dollars of resources and talent, has all these security issues, how do you handle the problem of building trusted systems

    \"Windows has detected that a gnat has farted in the general vicinity. You must reboot for changes to take affect. Reboot now?\"

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    Well I still feel it is to little way to late, what was it last week 5 patches? With their new two year update cycle paid in advance I see little time to re-visit their coding errors, not to mention their lack tact in their anti trust trial and basically saying our way or no way. They can throw billions at the problem thing is trust has no price and in the end they will pay with their faulity products. I once could own a ford in any color as long as it was black, they still do not get it.
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    All the holes will never be filled...

    It's like a house, it's easier to build the thing then it is to rebuild the thing....

    Although this might sound totally crazy, why don't they start from scratch for the next Windows? (It's only 20 millions lines of code... )

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