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Thread: n00b bans

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    you are trying way to hard man you are positively annoying why is it thousands of people can come here daily and not be so annoying and not get banned, what is it like 4 times now. how old are you man, and why are you so needy and craving acceptance, why do you care what a bunch of people you have never seen and will never see think about you?
    *the wise do sooner what the fools do later.

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    /me is in serious agreement with TechieChick. Komo, you say you learned but you STILL don't take anyone's (including mine's) advice. You should pay close attention to our advice, as it will help you.

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    Originally posted here by TechieChick
    Komo, try not posting. Nada. Squat. Nothing. Read for a long time, say a period of two years at least.
    Doh! TC gets Addict status and see what that does? ROFL

    But Komo, TC has a point... in the days of USENET (back before the advent of SPAM when you could actually read valuable stuff in there), you just didn't venture in to a newsgroup and start posting... you read... and you read more... and still more... you made an off-topic post and, well - let's just say that the antipoints idea is being kind. Perhaps spending a bunch of time reading here would be useful to you. But, I must admit, there have been plenty of really piss-poor examples of "good" posts lately (and I'm not saying that I've personally done anything to help even with my own - I'm sure I'm guilty of some good cannon fodder, myself... but I've been here a while, already).

    Still... if you do the following and only the following, you should be fine... and, yeah... I'd also stay with this account - creating a new one is, well... chickensh*t.

    • Post useful, informative messages with real content - not simply a "me too" or similiar message (if you're not lending to the conversation, don't post)
    • Try writing a couple of tutorials... you should be able to put together a really nice "what not to do here" list by now. Don't forget to give credit where credit is due.
    • Don't whine about antipoints, your status, or anyone with Member, Addict or Senior status - wait until you get much more senior before you start to push those boundaries at all. (chances are, you get in to an argument with any of those folk, you're going to lose... period)
    • I'm sure there's more I am probably forgetting at the present time

    Hope that helps.
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    Also, try not to just post so you can get higher member status. Just another one to add to draziw's post.

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    Komo, these guys have given you the best advice anyone could give - either post meaningful material, or stop posting period. Done, simple as that - if you keep posting, shut the hell up with your complaining about banning and antipoints. Several members have told you time and time again what to do, yet you keep doing the opposite. It becomes quite old to see that every post you make you are whining.

    Now you've openly admitted that you are going to create yet another account. Why? Who cares about the name of an account. Just post some quality material and let's be done with this.

    Let this be the last thread on this subject...
    - Maverick

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    Greetings All:

    Obviously, komo's idea was a bad one.

    Thread Closed.

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