yeah.. guess who's back. fr0z3n is back..

yeah... after my month or so away , was because i couldn't remember my password, and when i tried to recover my pass, it would send the user but not the password. so i try again after a few months.. and bam! it worked. go ao!


well, this past week..i got paid 600 bucks for 3 weeks of work, and its nice. so i go and decide one night i am building a computer with that money! and i do.

my new computer:

athlon xp 1700+ processor
two 128 ddr sticks of mem
24x/10x/40x sony cd-rw
soyo mother board and case

then i got 25 cdrws, and 50 cdrs.

this computer outstands definatly my old computer..

butif anyone is looking for a nice computer, i would definatly recommend the one i got, its nice as hell.

i'm running xp pro.

until next time, see ya around.