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Thread: Microsoft to Sell Ad Space in Error Messages

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    ya i can micro$oft doin that in the very new future. if not that then advertizing with the pop ups u can customize when ur comp boots up.
    (if anyone who doesn't know how but wants to know is readin this just post a reaply. i'll just assume u all know if u don't)
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    Since M$ really borrows the works of so many others and say they were the one to inoviate it I'm gonna duck and cover while this is a funny one it just may gave M$ yet another idea. This one would be to funny for the media to latch onto as a ligit story LOL

    I would however like to point out they already do this to some extent with their browser. In IE 6 in many cases one will not get a server http: Error it will wisk you off to MS and their lame search engine and guess what you see there yep ads.
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    I almost believed that.
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