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    site improvements - thanks JP

    JP was busy as a beaver today... (hehe.. sorry for the pun on the hometown)
    I don't know how he could of implimented so much in such a short time but I just
    wanted to say thanks for listening and provide a quick recap of just a few of the changes
    with his comments included.

    I also agree draziw about General Chit Chat having WAY too much stuff in it. I've added a couple of forums recently ("AntiOnline: How Do I? or What Is?" and "Tech Humor") to help resolve that issue.

    (on improving site search ability from search engines)
    Very good idea Guus! Thanks, I appreciate it.
    Each thread page now contains specific meta keywords and a meta description.

    (on ap center and returning to main page)
    Two very good ideas. Both of which are now up live!

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    I think he did an awesome job. I came here this afternoon and was surprised by all the new forums.

    Great job JP!

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    yea, those are all helpfull, and there's annother one too:
    antipoint conformation box(it pops up a yes/no box asking if your sure those are the AP's you want to assign):

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    But wait I still haven't been banned. JP must be slackin ROFL

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    Th antipoint confirmation box is great, i very nearly gave some one negatives instead of positives , until i checked it over. Great work =)
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