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Thread: Brandname recommandations

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    Brandname recommandations


    Which one of these brandnames as the best reputation (based on your personnal experiances) in corporate sector:

    We're gonna buy arround 70 desktops and 2 servers so looking for recommandations...

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    Well, out of the companies your list, Dell and Gateway probably have the best reputation. They're both pretty reliable, they have pretty good support, and they're just all around good computers and companies (even though Dell does have Steve in their commercials).

    I have an HP and it's always worked great for me, but for some reason, their reputation is lower. The only issue I have with it is that the case is tiny and ther'es not much room for upgrades.

    The old Compaq's used to suck, but maybe now that they're getting together with HP, they won't suck so bad. I wouldn't want to be one of the guinea pigs though, so I'd stay away from them.

    I haven't heard anyone say anything nice or mean about IBM computers for years, so I can't help you with that one.

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    I would recommend Dell for the desktops and Dell for the servers as long as they are all running windows. As str34m3r mentioned, Dells service and support has always been excellent. If you are gonig to run Unix on the servers, IBM makes some decent products. I also agree with his opinion on Compaq. Ive never had good experiences with them.

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    indeed, dell offer good solutions for large networks, they are reliable fast and can be tailored to individual needs. They also have good on site service (if you dont have your own pc dept).

    do not touch compaq w/ a barge pole, even tho my uncle is a ceo of this company, i firmly believe that they suck, they are *not* good for large companys / schools.

    gateway are just rubbish, ignore them.

    For the servers, definately get dell, as they are the best..

    For the workstations/desktops either dell or ibm - my preference dell.

    ...unless ofcourse, u make all the pcs yourself, then you can get the best possible pc's for the least amount of money...

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    Compaq workstations and servers are very reputable with solid service and support behind them. HP has already announced that they will be keeping the Evo line due to that same reputation.

    Presario's? another story, my theory being, never buy a computer who's middle name is sorry.

    My experience with Dell and Gateway have been terrible customer service. Dell downsized quite a bit, I used to be able to call a rep direct and can't do that anymore, I lost all my old contacts. Once that happened I gave up even trying. It became an excercise in futility. Most times you'll find the person answering the phone doesn't have a very good grasp on the english language and that makes phone support a bit difficult.
    Gateway is trying to make a comeback, I've not seen a lot of systems lately here but there for awhile people were ordering them and every one was either A) missing ordered parts or B) not fully functional and needing warranty support.

    This is all obviously based on my experience but if it was me, I'd be looking at Compaq.


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    In my experience, Dell has been absolutely excellent in service and support, though, as TC mentioned, there have been problems here and there. Compaq, in my experience, makes great servers, though I haven't had any experience with their workstations (though, also as TC mentioned, I would stay far, far away from the Presario). My experience with HP is similar to Compaq, nice servers, though I think their workstations leave something to be desired. As for Gateway, I personally wouldn't go for Gateway based simply upon the fact that they have been restructuring quite a bit lately (I live in San Diego and have seen the affects of the headquarters consolidationg/moving), and I would wait another year or so before I would put my faith in them. I have had bad experience with their tech support, though that was only with consumer products. Finally, I hagree with OS1 that IBM is the way to go if you want UNIX servers. I have worked extensively with IBM machines (I have a AIX-based server and workstation in my home-network) and highly recommend it over HP's HPUX.


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    I have always had good luck with Dell, and would stick with them for desktops. HP servers are pretty good (I'm actually installing a new one tomorrow), but have heard that Compaq servers actually set up quite easily. IBM servers are great, but much more pricey. And I wouldn't touch a Gateway with anything.
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    Ok, after reading the comments so far, I have to add an opinion. In my experience, I have found that relying on a manufacturer's support staff is an effort in futility. Just getting someone to speak to you is hard enough, then trying to get them to understand your problem is unnerving, to say the least. So do not expect much help there. Rely on your own support staff to resolve your problems, and ask your questions in a forum such as this. PC Technologists, no matter their level of expertise, are more than willing to lend a hand to resolve another's headaches.

    As far as picking the right manufacturer, I agree with Spirit that the best way is to build your own. It will save you money in hardcosts, and you will know the systems throughout. But if time is an issue, choose Dell. Very reliable and easy to work on. Just make sure you buy systems that can be upgraded, with boxes that allow enough room to work.... And be sure to negotiate the best prices. If you are loading your own licensed OS's, bring that to their attention too.

    Good luck.


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    if i remember right HP used to have a policy for reusing referbished parts and computers without testing...... even if they got back a puter cause the videocard didint work theyd just put it back in a new box and tape it up again, mail it out to the next unlucky bastard...... tho that was a while ago, way back when i was advising people on computers more frequently....... so thats probly a bit outta date

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    Just make sure you buy systems that can be upgraded, with boxes that allow enough room to work.... And be sure to negotiate the best prices. If you are loading your own licensed OS's, bring that to their attention too.
    My understanding is that for Dell/Compaq etc to get their discounts they have an agreement with MS that systems don't leave without an OS and a license. I know I can't order a bare system from Compaq.
    Just a thought..

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