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    some file in windows

    there is a file that u can write some file names in it and windows will delete those files next time it restarts.. i think it is sometimes used by setup programs..

    the problem is i forgot that file name because i read it somewhere along time ago.. does anyone know it?? i will be grateful if u tell me

    if not, then how can this be done? i mean make windows delete some unneccessary files next time it resarts.. i have thought of adding a bacth file to the start up.. but it would be noisy, i would appreciate any ideas..

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    What is the usage of that work?

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    u were want 2 try and make a proggy that would delete cookies 2 what have u done that is so wrong
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    try using windows washer it will clean u better

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    gizmofreak, have you noticed the date of this thread???
    I don't think the guy will still give a **** after 2 years lol
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    Um, closed, Im sure its been sorted out.

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