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    Lightbulb Netscape - Outlook Plugin

    Hello people,

    I have something rather useful for people using Netscape.
    A plugin that allows you to send mail using Outlook from within Netscape when you click on a mailto URL.

    I personally love using Netscape's browser. I'm sorry, it's just what I grew up with and love, so to speak. Some people prefer Internet Explorer, but I just don't. However, I do love my Outlook 98/2000. It's by far the best email client I've ever used. The problem is that if you click on a mailto URL in Netscape, it always runs Netscape Messenger -- it's email client. I don't like it, and probably never will. I like my Outlook. So, how does one get the two working together?
    Here you get it :

    This isn't really a browser plugin so much as a DLL replacement. Netscape Communicator allows you to specify an alternate DLL for it to use when answering requests to view your inbox, check for new messages, or send new mail. So what's this new DLL actually do? A few things:

    Whenever you click on a mailto URL that would normally spawn a new mail message, it will instead spawn a new message using Outlook 98/2000.
    On the Communicator|Tools menu, an entry to spawn Outlook 98/2000 now appears, allowing you to launch Outlook 98/2000 from the Netscape toolbar.
    When you use the File|New|New Message, it will spawn a new message using Outlook 98/2000.
    When you use the Inbox button in Netscape, it will spawn the Outlook 98/2000 Inbox.
    When you use the Send Page option in Netscape, it will send a copy of the page using Outlook. This works exactly the same way it does from Internet Explorer. It took me a little while to get this one working, but now that it does, I feel satisifed finally.

    To install it, simply follow these steps:

    Extract all the files from the nsoutlook.zip file into a directory somewhere. If you're in Netscape, exit out of it.
    Copy the NSOUTLOOK.DLL file into C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program or wherever you happen to have Netscape Communicator installed.
    It is imperative that you copy NSOUTLOOK.DLL into the Program subdirectory of your Communicator installation.
    Edit the prefs.js file located in C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\someuser, where someuser happens to be the Netscape profile you selected when you setup Netscape.
    Add the following entries to the prefs.js file, or edit them if they already exist. You can use any text editor such as Notepad or edit to get the job done:
    user_pref("mail.use_altmail", true);
    user_pref("mail.use_altmail_for_news", false);
    user_pref("mail.altmail_dll", "nsoutlook.dll");
    That's it! Start up Netscape and you're all set.

    If you see a message saying something about POSTAL.DLL not being found, then check to make sure you have copied NSOUTLOOK.DLL into the appropriate directory. See the previous section for instructions on installation.
    If you're sure that you are installing NSOUTLOOK.DLL into the right directory, check to make sure that both of the changes in prefs.js are correct, before reporting a problem to me.

    The file is attached with the name nsoutlook in the thread itself.


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    i thought this was good lol anyway

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