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    Hey, I've been learning about the whole hacking experience for a while now and just now I'm starting to play a role in it. I would like to know where I should start and what I should learn from the start, as well as things I should learn as I get better, and if there are any good sites around with good tutorials, i might not have seen yet, I wouldnt mind seeing those as well.
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    I'll quickly jump in here in hopes of staving off some flamers for you. You should probably reword you post or simply delete it. Folks here at AO aren't too keen on people asking for help on "hacking". This is a security site for security professionals -- the people trying to stop malicious "hackers".

    If you're interested in this whole "security thing", I'm sure everyone here would be happy to help you get started, me included. There are several good tutorials right here on AO that could help you get started with security.

    I think the best way to start security work is to start learning all about the security features offered in for the OS you like best. If your OS is Windows, start learning about share-level and user-level access controls, file permissions, policies/profiles, good password security, social engineering, PDC's (primary domain controllers), the differences between NTFS and FAT32 for disks, etc. If your OS is some flavor of unix, start learning about file permissions, set user id/set group id bits, root, shells, the /etc/passwd file, the /etc/group file, the /etc/shadow file, revision control, ssh and encryption, etc.

    If you have the resources, you may want to build a test box to experiment with. For example, setup a test 98 SE box and lock it down as much as you can, and then try to muck it up. For a unix box -- same thing. Set up what you think is a good security setup, and then try to break it. Test boxes are invaluable!

    Finally, it's best to ask intelligent questions like "How can I set the set user id bit for a directory", rather than "How do I hack". Questions like the latter will likely get you many negative AntiPoints, and possibly get you banned.

    Beside that, welcome to AO.
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    If you're looking for tutorials, try the AO Tutorial fourm:


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    So Disorder you're a hacker and you don't know where to start. You may not asked questions like that. A hacker ask questions to himself and answers the questions by himself.

    I would like to know where I should start and what I should learn from the start, and if there are any good sites around with good tutorials, i might not have seen yet, I wouldnt mind seeing those as well.
    A hacker knows where to start. Shouldn't you?
    AO got lots of info here. Hey! Did you heard about google? They've got lots of tutes on hacking.
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    Do what most hackers AND security experts do. Explore. Explore everything, your OS, and all the programs that came with it. Do some research as well. You must have seen all those wierd programs, well they must have been made with something, check everything out. Explore, and if you have a security related issue or if you have a valid question to ask, then post it in the correct forum. But you shouldn't ask people about hacking, you may get flamed like crazy.

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    I agree roswell1329

    First setup your own home LAN, Try all good / bad security pracices you want to do, do with your own home LAN setup. Don't try to practice in someother's network or system setup.

    It is not a matter, u want to become M$ security professional or *nix security professional ... familiarise with both OS.

    I am using VMWare Workstation 3.1 for my home LAN setup with 2 intel boxes.
    First box with Windows 2000 server as main OS, Windows 2000 Pro as guest OS, RedHat Linux 7.0 as dual boos OS.
    Second box with RedHat 7.0 as main OS, Windows 98 SE as guest OS.
    This setup simulates multi OS network infrastructure with 2 systems.

    For tutorials and all other goodies related to security, i prefer http://www.antionline.com
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    Just remember, if it feels illegal, it is illegal.
    If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.
    If you'd hate it to happen to you, then don't.
    If there's chance of damage, stay away...
    We are not like 2600, you get busted, you're on your own.*

    Educate yourself on your local laws to ensure you are not stepping out of bounds...
    (ie: some programs do not allow modifications, it's against copyright laws)

    Using another's computer?
    Get permission, and to ensure security, get it in writting.
    words on paper speaks louder then words that are spoken.

    Be good..

    *There are *special* exceptions...

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    tyger_claw is right. make sure you are aware of the laws in your area and the areas around you. port scanning is even illegal in many places, and that is pretty harmless.
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    As for where to start, start with the newbie tutorial. Best place to start here on AO.

    Also must agree, watch how you phrase things, you may not mean to sound as if you are asking how to hack but it does leave some room for interpretation.

    Once you have gone through the newbie tutorial, you will have a pretty good idea of where to go from there. http://www.antionline.com/forumdispl...?s=&forumid=59.

    Welcome to AO and I hope you enjoy the community here.

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    Hacking your own LAN is best because of following reasons :-

    1)You can't give any punishments to yourself if you get caugt
    2)You can do almost anything on you LAN- from Pinging to Exploiting or what ever.

    Hacking your own LAN is worst because :-

    1) If you try to damage data then somehow you would be damaging your very own computer.

    How funny!

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