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    lmao,kinda drifting arent we people?Anyways since you guys have,I may as well jump on the bloody bandwagon
    I remember reading about a browser designed by this Irish kid a few years back,the article said it supposedly sped up browsing by three times..Any input on this guys?

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    You guys need to remember that the actual rendering process of a webpage is near instantanious. Mozilla, Opera, IE, Firefox, all render HTML at amazing speeds. The difference in rendering speeds between each browser, with the computers we have today, are never going to be noticible.

    HOWEVER, what most people are refering to are the time the browser waits to display it's information. IE collects and displays information instananiously, while letting it load while you surt. Firefox collects and waits a few moments before displaying, so it gives the user a more "complete" view at once. Opera is similar to IE in that it doesn't spend time waiting to release what it has, it just lets it go.

    Now, a good browser will allow you to change this (MyIE2 and firefox comes to mind), and that is what you need to focus on. Some people like information half displayed and the page up quickly, since they don't mind seeing it load while they read it. Others don't mind the second or so wait, and thus like seeing more information presented at once. It's a matter of opinion, and either side is fine. But let's not confuse one browser with being faster than the others (and thus better) when it isn't a matter of browser speed, but an internal setting on how long it holds the data before displaying it.

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