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    He was just citing the internet, which was owned by the government(which is supposed to be the public) is being privatized
    Your parenthetical remark says a lot. We often speak
    of "public" property as though it were synonymous
    with "government property", but government is a
    corporate entity too, and instead of being a trustee
    for the public, it jealously looks out for its own interests.

    In spite of many years of naive patriotic rhetoric, the
    government is not "the people". The worst thing we could
    do, when we are being robbed by big business, would
    be to form the habit of always running to the government
    for a remedy. It's like going to one gangster to get
    protection from another.

    Noam Chomsky is right about one thing. The root of the problem
    is in the legal license that a corporation has obtained
    to be a "Limited Liability Corporation". It can do business
    as though it were "a person", but no one in the corporation,
    least of all its owners, is responsible for its actions.

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    I can't say that I'm a student of languages, but I did indeed have to take a course on formal languages and automata last semester for my Computer Science degree. Some portions of the course covered normal forms, and I was just curious if this was the same chomsky, as that would be rather impressive.

    Thanks for the info!

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