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    A .dat file is just a common file used for storing misc. info. ICQ, mcAffee, and Kazaa use them for instance. 1 program will not open them all, its not like an .mp3 file. The data can be (and probably is) encrypted depending on the program, however it could be normal text. If you were more specific then maybe I could give ya an answer on what program to use. BTW, even when you "open" a program, it still downloads onto your computer its just in a temp dir and gets deleted. If you dont like keeping the stuff you download then just make a temp folder in ur my documents or wherever and save all your files there. Later, just delete the contents of the folder when your done.

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    i got DAT file all over my computter but never really messed with them but i download stuff all the time as i am trying to learn what it does and how it works. i just reformatted my computter a 3 days ago witch is something i do about every 2 weeks from all the stuff i put in it to play with. but i have only downloaded about 30 file this time and played with them then took them back out now i have DAT files everywhere that where not there before. but i dont know witch ones to take out. no big deal as i will be reformating again in a few days. i just got to looking around in my computter to see what happens when i mess with everything and to see what it does and i keep coming across the DAT files but could never open them that was the only reson i asked. wow i know i crazy spend $2000.00 on a computter to do chit like that. thanks alot for all the help guys. greenies for everyone.


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    Wow, and I thought I formatted my computer alot. I only do it every couple of months. If you can't open the .dat files in notepad, and you don't know what program put them there, then you're out of luck. Try doing a search on google for the filenames and if google doesn't know then just wait til your next format and keep a closer eye on the files next time.

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