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    Angry Common Sense

    Let me ask this when you pick up your telephone what do you hear? Dah a dial tone, ok, now turn on your computer and what do you get well unless you have a blank start page like I do you are hit with ads oh AOL...screen spam windows open all over the place, want to check your email at yahoo then they changed the user agreement and opted you in to more screen add spam like you want to know a good deal when you want to read your email, never mind all major portols place cookies to track every move you make and phone home. Excuse me I start my computer connect to the Web what right do these corps have in pushing their ads upon me. Turn on the TV hit the remote. these corps see the web as a captive we got them push the ads thing so they make money. Excue me I turn on my computer I expect it to be like my phone a dial tone, ok your connected what screen spam, emal spam you want to see? Set you start page to blank then www.google.com start searching for real answers not the ones your provider an internet connect say is the truth...Common sense..if I have mail I need not wade through ads from people I do not know of or services I do not need. We need a nutural dial tone for the Web.
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    Actually i turn on my computer and i'm greeted with a POST beep. Then it goes through bios and loads up my OS.
    But anyway, how about a firewall/ad blocker to stop those damn spams and ads poping up?
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