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    very nice ...hehe JP is making AO self suficient...o0o0o i here the conspiracy theorist rounding up ....
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    lol.. thats awesome.. i like the hanging dude, adds so much to it.. hehe

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    This is a really great idea!
    Just one question - if someone posts a thread - and I mean some good thread. Then someone else replies but replies with crap. That reply will get maaaany bad antipoints... Could this bad antipoints (which received only one answer) kill good thread or only a antipoints asiggned to first post in the thread are counted??? thanx for answer


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    Good idea. But this "suicidal" statement will it be watched on the main page like the Antipoint status for 2 or 3 weeks?
    It could discourage some people who will don't read those threads. But some threads with bad Antipoints assignements may be interesting (ok it's not a generality).
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    Ive Been Away

    Greetings All: I have been away for almost a year, for personal reasons hehehe not criminal ones. So much has changed on the Site. Looks damn good JP! I see the membership has grown too. Well thats all for now.n Laters


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    I like the idea, really cool. The little pic of the hanging dude is awesome.

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    Which you attributed to Churchill was said first by S.G. Tallentyre in the Friends of Voltaire, but was paraphrased from a letter written by Voltaire himself, something along the lines of "I don't like what you write, but I shall defend unto the death your right to write it."

    No I don't go around checking out everyone's quotes, I had used the quote once in a forum and was swiftly corrected.
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    Great feature, but . . .

    . . . how am I ever going to get "balanced" again if all the bad threads kill themselves before I even see them!

    I'm only half-joking here. I think the recent changes to the system are having the intended effect of upgrading what we are seeing in the threads. But I do fear that some of us are going to get so desperate to find posts to assign negs to that we may start giving negs to posts which really aren't that bad.

    I've been "unbalanced" for a couple of days now. So can someone PM me a quick link to a really bad post which hasn't killed itself yet?

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    Dude JP that's lame who really cares.

    At least my nose isn't brown like some of you people geez

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    Cool feature
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    geez bonfire.. now i know why you were banned before..
    i musta missed something somewhere your first time around ..
    what is your beef exactly ?
    what started your negative JP mindset ?

    i thought you were alright before.. but now, i question why you would go to these lengths.

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