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    that is nice jp .. good ..
    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    For the first time in history, I can't bitch about the improvement to the site...no matter how hard I try...

    Good idea, JPV

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    I like the AP idea and the fact the community has power to self regulate and certain threads can be killed, but a suggestion, it may have been made before so forgive me if it has;

    I dont know how hard this would be to do, but maybe small check boxes at the top of the thread - like "approve and disapprove" with a small meter

    <hangman> ................................V................................... <happy face>
    suicidal positive

    to guage the community feelings towards the overall content of the thread. Of course one could also allocate AP's to any good/lame posts as it stands now but this would only effect the individual and not the overall tone of the post. It may assist in keeping those good threads that are subjected to one or two silly posts, alive - just an idea.

    Like anything I guess, it could be open to abuse and self control is the key here and at the end of the day the moderator would have ultimate control should things get out of hand.
    Keep up the good work.

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    I think its a grr-reat idea, because then you can't clog up the site with over ranting :-D

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    The overall status of a thread can be seen on the main page. That tell you when a thread goes suicidal. A little bit after a thread goes very negative, it goes suicidal.

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    I understand that, but the overall status of the thread appears to be gauged by the allocation of AP's to individual users .... my suggestion is that the community can self regulate that from a permanent fixture at the top of the threads so that if one particular poster is, for instance a real lamer and gets hit with max neg AP's it wont send a good thread suicidal .... it would give the community as a whole more control over the threads while still having the abilty to send a lamer packing.

    Sorry if that did not come across clearly.



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