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Thread: Learning Network Architectures

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    Cool Learning Network Architectures

    Hey, I just finished a tutorial on Network Architectures. Please read it. You'll learn something, I promise

    If you like it, gimme a holla!

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    Nice post lone1337 --

    Perhaps next time it would be worth adding some formating to the text to make it more readable, but, that aside, good job!

    Keep 'em coming
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    not bad...maybe some1 should write up a tutorial on the configuration of routers ...that would be an interesting read
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    Nice tut. laid out in simple terms.
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    Good tut...
    I must admit I had never heard the "screened subnet/host/..." terminology before, so I did some searching on google; interestinglyof all the pages returned by that used that terminology, none mentionned the "three legged firewall" architecture. I find this surprising since I think this is perhaps one of the most common design used today?! It seems to me that the designs presented in these pages are somewhat to abstract, to theoric/academic. It seems to me that these presentations all put there security in their physical designs, forgetting about the importance of good firewall rule writing.

    Anyways, maybe I just not seeing it right now...

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