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    how does that work

    Hi guys i just wanted to ask a question how can u be connected and when somebody tries to scan you it shows you are dead?
    how do you do that can you do it in a normal pc
    tx for answering

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    As far as I know the scanner will show a host as dead when the scanner receive no response from the host, so it will only possible when the host if offline.
    If I am wrong correct me, thanks.

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    i think that you are correct unleashed... as far as i remember the only way for a host to come up dead is if the scanner thinks it is offline. if you could simulate it being offline, you might be able to fool it...
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    If you were to set up your firewall in such a way that your computer didn't respond to any unsolicited requests, then it would appear to be off to the world, but you could still surf the internet, read your e-mail, etc.

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    ing > If you worry about someone can find an open port on your copmuter the best solution is installing a firewall like zonealarm, seagate personal firewall, norton personal firewall ,....

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    Do you mean make it so when someone pings or port scans your computer it looks like it's offline? I know in Tiny there is an option to block ICMP packets of certain types. So you can even block incoming ping requests but still be able to ping others and recieve the replies if you want. If you block all forms of ICMP packets that require your computer to reply to them then as far as pinging goes you will be invisible. As for port scanning, if you have no programs that need a port open to the internet for connetions, such as any server or IM program, then set all your ports so they will not accept connections in your firewall. This way everything times out and it appears that you are offline. And with this setting you can still create outgoing connections to websites, etc, it just stops people trying to connect to you.
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    If you are on cable modem, get a linksys router - one of its many features is "block wan request" .... wont even answer a ping.
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    It has to do with IGNORING and REJECTING packets. If you IGNORE a packet, say a ping request, your machine appears to be offline (hidden, stealth, whatever you want to call it) - this is ideal. If you REJECT a packet, again maybe a ping, then your machine sends a response, although it rejects the packet. In this manner, the scanner knows that your machine is there at that IP, even though it rejected that packet.
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    The easiest way to do it is to install something like zone alarm. It silently drops any unsolicited traffic and makes your computer 'appear to be off the network' to a scanner, unless of course you opened up some holes with the rules that allowed the scanner through...

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    tx you guys for your answer but what you guys are telling me is that a server can make it self look like is off and still ppl be using it so that is like you are unhackeble because you cannot connect to it so it will be impossible to hack it no is that what you guys are telling me if i program a firewall to those things or have i understand wrong

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