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Thread: TV Show Puter Tech.............

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    Lightbulb TV Show Puter Tech.............

    I would love to have some of the technology that they have on some of the shows on TV. If they only existed, I'd save a fortune on removable media......

    I was watching Max Headroom on Tech.Tv tonight. And, they had a computer that stored an entire video news report on a floppy disk.... Also you always see the laptops that can download/transfer files without and phone line/modem, pcmcia nic card or wireless device being installed. Of course they always run at T-5 speeds or faster. I wish they would at least make some of this stuff a little realistic. Also I watched some show on the SciFi channel that had a palm top that ran a live satelite downlink in full color in real time of people walking around a house. It did't even have an antena or a link to it. Some of this fake TV stuff realy blows my mind.......
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    Dude...what you have to understand. Is MaxHeadroom is an old 80's tv show. Hackers weren't even proposed to the world as being "evil" yet (at least not like today). There WERE no script kiddies since it was so complicated (...*cries*...it's heaven I swear). So technically, it didn't matter what they put, or how they put it...people would beleive.

    Now though... heh...but hey. At least a MaxHeadroom movie or series is comming anew. There's no set date as of today (I think), but it'll be cool to see how it's improved.
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    yeah.. i really like when (even on star-trek) the electronics when they go, always spark and blow up.
    that happens rarely in real life.. but when the step-down transformer 30 ft from my house blows up.. that does provide excitement.. and that happens 2-3 times per summer

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    Aaaahhhh....no script kiddies...we are not described as "evil". Jeeze I need a time-machine.
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