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    There are so many viruses and malicious codes out on the net with more sophisticated ones coming out each day. Why don't computer retailers just install a good antivirus program (like McAfee or Norton). That way it will be almost impossible for people to spread viruses, so people will stop making them. It would be a good idea.

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    Because it costs a lot of money. Ever seen the price of norton antivirus? Go to your flyers and check it out, the reason becomes apparent. Besides, it isn't computer retailers job to worry about that kind of stuff, I mean, why would they? And a lot offer computer fix up services, if your computer gets fried, and you are a computer noob, they might want you to take it back to them to be fixed. But I just want to say one thin, why should they care? Why should they worry about computer viruses? Doesn't affect them.

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    Actually, most retail computers are becoming standard with an Anti-Virus built in.
    Even with, say, "the most sophisticated anti-virus" running, you will still be vulnerable...
    There are ways to disable the vshield, as well as trojan being more difficult to detect...

    There will never be a way to stop virus writing....
    It will only make it a bigger challenge for virus writter...

    Look at it this way...
    10 years ago, people knew nothing about security...
    They'd use common, simple, dumb passwords...
    Put the modem number in visual places...
    Never think about encryption...
    And think nothing about virus scanners...

    Now, people use complex passwords (8+ characters, ansii script)...
    Hide numbers, unlist em' and so...
    People want the highest encryption (128+)
    Have virus scanners, up-tp-date info files...
    A firewall running (software+hardware)...
    And so...

    And with all these changes/advancements, hackers still penetrate....
    So, no matter the virus scanner power, it'll be beat...

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    I got one of the most affordable Compaqs available and it still came with so much software, maintenance, antivirus programs, and utilities.....I know at the time, after the money I spent on even this computer, I wouldn't have been able to go out and buy an antivirus program. It took a while before I saved up the money to buy games for it, as the computer was something I treated myself to. (Consequences of being out on your own with a mediocre job and college bills to pay).

    And from what I see around, as tyger_claw mentioned, most computers are coming standard with these software packages. They also gave me a card to sign up for 10 free software CDs through their creative learning series. I got some great programs from there.

    They have to make allowances like that. I don't think warranties extend over something like a virus destroying files on your computer or any of the hardware. Unless it's a malfunction caused by the computer, and not the user, they won't fix it within your budget. They'll fix it for something you can't afford. So why not include that extra software, I'm sure they can afford to buy the packages in bulk and distribute it amongst PC buyers. In fact, I would think that would better the competition, especially for a computer bought at Radio Shack.

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    I hav only bought one computer with antivirus, and that was a cheap antivirus program, not very popular and not that good. I know mcaffee ships with many pcs, what others are shipped with pcs?

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    I got norton 2000 with my new comp, a gateway 1.6 ghz pentium 4 with 512 meg of ddr ram, 32 meg video, 20gig hd, cdrw, and a really nice software package. I paid 599 for it :-) However, i only got 128 meg of ddr ram, I upgraded immediately I got xp home and upgraded it to xp pro corporate too
    M$ support is like shooting yourself in the left foot and then putting a band-aid on the right one.

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    Due to company policy we get most of our computer through Dell. I am pretty sure most of them come with at least a 90 day trial of Norton. Althought I think this is not the best thing since when most users get it, they think oh, cool I have an AV now I don't need to get one now. Then they click on the ignore or whatever the button might be when norton reminds them that their subscriptions run out... A few months later they wonder why they have a virus....


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    i have experienced quite a lot of virus/worm infestations recently at medical centres/surgeries that i provide support for, not to mention relatives'/friends' computers. several computers had to be totally reformatted, and many programs reinstalled (including NORTON AV).

    i never REGULARLY ran, or installed, an antivirus program on my windows box until a month ago. neither my wife nor myself open dangerous-looking attachments (except when i open it up from the linux partition) but because of what i do i require installing software from the net to test out.

    one thing i would recommend to you all is to BACK UP anything you need to as soon as you can. you'd never know when this will save you lots of work and stress, but if the unexpected happens then at least you are somewhat safe.

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    I realize that they get money if you get infected with a virus (cause if you can't remove it yourself then what else can you do but bring it in to a technician). To any computer retailer that is reading this: People don't like spending extra money on repairs/removals. They would rather spend the extra $70 to have an antivirus program installed on there computer which will help them avoid viruses for their computers lifetime.
    To new buyers: Don't buy a computer without antivirus protection. It doesn't seem like a big thing at the start (when you first buy your computer) but will guaranteed become a problem later on which will force you to spend around $100 to get repaired/removed.

    Also, if computer retailers don't start installing this software, computer manufacturers should start installing the software. Manufacturers (like Compaq, HP, etc.) already install Windows (most of the time) so why can't they just install one other program like an antivirus protection program. It only takes one disk (of Norton, McAfee, etc.) to install on however many computers you want it to be on. So one McAfee disk (cost around $60) could be used to install McAfee on an unlimited number of computers.

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    From the bulk of the post you can see most major manufacturers are and have been delivering antivirus packages with their systems, and from my experience have been doing so for at least 3 years. Of the smaller manufacturers it would have to be 80% do, 15% GIVE the BUYER the OPTION, and 5% the BUYER ASKS.

    As for your Idea of the $60 disk to install a program on an unlimited number of systems.. Ahhhem.. I think Symantec, Network Associates, Computer Associates, Trend Micro, Panda Soft etc. will realy like you. Most of the manufacturers BUY OEM disks at a heavy discounted price to pre-install on these systems, these discounts are between 40 and 75%.. Now you multiply that by the 10,000 or more systems per month, that these guys sell (each) in Australia alone..

    The next point, as mentioned here also. Most people MAY ask if there is an anti virus prog with the computer, and get it. BUT many don't even check if it is installed, or bother activate the installation especially when there is a desktop Icon with this name..
    Those who do check, or make sure the antivirus prog is installed and activated, don't check if the auto update is enabled, or bother to check for updates..
    ASSUMPTION.. I am now safe I have an ANTI-VIRUS..

    MANY OF THE PEOPLE WERE WARNED when they purchased their systems.
    But in the end "you just can't teach Dumb"!! EOS

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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