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Thread: Unix permissions

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    Unix permissions

    I was just wondering if you could have SGID and SUID permission together on one file. The way i understand this works is like this:
    ---s------ SUID perm
    ------s--- SGID perm
    Then what do these perm mean?
    /usr/bin/cu -r-sr-sr-x
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    readable by owner
    set uid on execute
    readable by group
    set gid on execute
    readable by all
    executable by all

    Yes, both SGID and SUID can be set on one file...
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    Hmm. I've never seen them both together like that, but it makes sense.

    Then again, I don't really know when you would need to be both a different owner of a process, as well as be in a specific group. Wouldn't you just put the owner of the process in that group?
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