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Thread: Comptia Security+ resources

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    Comptia Security+ resources

    hello everyone. lately i have been hitting the books and doing some studying when the help desk lines are not ringing off the hooks here. i have been trying to figure out what certifications i should be focusing on, and i came across comptia's new "security+". this caught my attention and i was going to buy a study guide to see what this exam covers, but i have been unable to find any resources dealing with this exam. perhaps it is too new. if anyone knows what the details of this exam is, for example, does it cover *nix security, or just windows, etc, i would appreciate the reply. i would just like to know if this one is worth it.

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    The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) announced today that Security+ is the name of its newest certification. CompTIA also reports it is accelerating Security+ development as a result of strong market demand and industry support for a foundation-level network security certification.

    The Security+ beta exam will be offered late third quarter, three-to-six months ahead of typical development for a CompTIA certification. IT professionals will be able to train for and earn Security+ certification late fourth quarter 2002.

    "While there are a number of security certifications now on the market, they seem to fall into one of two camps, either advanced knowledge or company and product focused,'' said Fran Linhart, director of certifications, CompTIA. "There is no certification that establishes a standard for IT security at the foundation level.

    "The CompTIA certification development process includes: A comprehensive job task analysis, focus groups in Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific Rim, item writing and review, and Beta testing.''

    Subject matter experts from around the globe can help in the development of Security+ in a number of different ways, from participating in focus groups, to writing exam items, to taking the Beta exam. Those with security experience are encouraged to visit http:// http://www.comptia.org/certification...plus/index.htm and submit a subject matter expert form.

    Security+ subject matter experts have familiarity in one or more of the following areas: Fundamental network defense, network countermeasures, network auditing/vulnerability analyses, intrusion detection, incident reporting, viruses, user authentication, smart cards, privilege management, firewalls, remote access, operating system security, patch installation, virtual private networks, wireless network security, wireless device security, public key infrastructure, digital certificates, cryptography, biometrics, forensics, security policy, and security law.

    For more information on Security+, visit the CompTIA Security+ Webpage http://www.comptia.org/certification...plus/index.htm or e-mail securityplus@comptia.org.

    source: http://www.itcareersource.com/columns/apr_02/kap.html
    Search on google you will find more.

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    umm, i appreciate the effort there unleashed, but dont you think that i would have checked their site before posting here? there site reveals absolutely nothing useful. all they do is drop some statistics about how much money there is to be made in the it security field, and trying to market there exam and certification.
    i was asking if anyone has any useful info or experience with this exam that could help me out, or if they know of any study guides dealing with this certification.

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    Re: Comptia Security+ resources

    Originally posted here by VanEck
    if anyone knows what the details of this exam is, for example, does it cover *nix security, or just windows, etc, i would appreciate the reply.
    I answed yhis part of your question.
    My post covers what the security+ subjects is.
    If you think it is not helpfull PM me I'll delete it.

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    Actually, unleashed answered that part of your question too, VanEck. His quote explains that the test has not yet been released, so no one here would have any experience based upon this test, nor would there be any suggestions for study guides. If you want this certification, you're going to have to hold out until they make it public (sometime in 3rd or 4th quarter, according to Unleashed's post) and get more information about it then.


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