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    Are Dell PCs faulty?

    Just curious if Dell has a track record for faulty computers? I'm thinking about getting one.

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    not as far as I know, I have a dell workstation with win2kp and its only crashed maybe five times in a year...which considering how much I use it is damn amazing. Every dell I have ever used worked just fine.
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    I'm on a dell optiplex gx100 right now at work. We use them for workstations and havn't failed yet. They use win2kpro and have an uptime of near.. oh .. 4 months? Without a glitch.

    Dude, your gettin a dell! hehe, couldn't resist.

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    Dell's are excellent computers! Don't get a [pong]Hewlett Packard[/pong] or [pong]compaq[/pong] get a dell or build your own it's much cheaper and fun!

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    My experiences with Dells as desktops computers have been fine. They seem to make decent comps.

    Hope this helps!

    - ura
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    i have a dell and have had it hum like 2 years and the only thing that went bad was the logitech mouse that came with it.

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    Dell computers have a good track record, and if something is wrong they have an even higher record for fixing the problem. By fixing I mean making the situation right.

    But... building your own is cheaper
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    If you're looking for consumer PCs, Dell has the best track-record around, at least according to many studies over the past few years regarding the purchase and support of new PCs. I know PC World has been raving about Dell in their annual reviews of PC manufacturers for the last few years, and I have seen other magazines with the same results. Personally, I love Dell and would recommend them to anyone planning on getting a new system. I know the TechieChick has had some problems with Dell support, but, if you look long enough, there will always be people who have experienced problems with any system. Just my 2 cents.


    PS: This thread (http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=230983) has some more opinions of various companies.

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    Talking Dell

    Dells are good. Im a repair tech and its not very often I see a dell
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