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    Question attracting clients

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could help. I have started my own security business and and wanted to know a good marketing attack. Well I was thinking about checking them for vulnrabilities then telling them thay have X amount faults\holes etc. Do you think this is a good tactic? I know there are many admins on AO and well you are my target market. what would win you over in learning more or hireing someone like me?

    I have services such as Penetration testing, Risk Assessment, Managed Security Scanning etc.

    thanx in advanced


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    Angry Dumb ads

    Personally I am not attracted to dumb ads that say they can do **** that they cant. IE those ads that say if this sign is blinking you are a winner. Try something like that, one that will actually do its job, on your own website with the permission of the user first. Think of something creative to put on your logo and and ad. If you are really trying to get the corporates then look to places that have ads and big cooporates going to. Download.com has many freeware cooporate utilities that many may like, you might wanna contact CNet. Things like that...

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