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Thread: tiny personal firewall 3

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    tiny personal firewall 3

    Hi all,

    Dont know if anyone has posted about the relativly new version of tpf, if so sorry in advance,
    but i thought it was worth the mention as it is a nice looking firewall.
    check it out here

    i have been playing around with it now for the last hr and there are a hell of alot of settings.
    not just for internet but also file security. it logs everything, i mean everything + its got a nice log view setup.
    some of the settings i like are you can set file permissions for certian file types eg. read only for all vbs or java applets.
    i did a heap of online tests and passed all perfect except for privacy test which im sure u can configure somewhere in it but im just learning it at the moment (doesnt really bother me much anyway that google might know i visited antionline).
    it costs around $40 usd but has a 30 day trail.
    so for those that aint seen it, its worth a look.

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    hhmmmm i belive Tiny Firewall is free...maybe the business version or some other version costs 40 USD but i got it from the web site for free.....mind clarifing?
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    Emrys: If I understand it right, TPF 2 used to be free to consumers, but with TPF 3, they have started charging consumers. See the Price List for pricing information.


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