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Thread: What Tutorials are you working on?

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    What Tutorials are you working on?

    I'm not sure if this is the place to put this, but I was thinking a thread should be started (and possibly added to Negative's index) that users could post what tutorials they are currently working on. Then, once they complete their tutorial and post it, they can delete their post within the thread. I thought of this because I was planning on writing some tutorials but found out that GreekGoddess is currently working on some I was considering doing. This way, not only would we avoid duplicate tutorials, but it would also allow people to find out who is working on a specific tutorial and maybe find a way to collaborate on them. Let me know what you all think.


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    It's a great idea, to ensure that we don't waste any time writing something that someone else will finish before us....

    I am currently writing a tutorial on Turing...

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    I WAS thinking about that, but ultimately figured it would be a bad idea. People look for good tutorials to post, and if people post what they are working on, someone else could say, they are working on it, and post it faster than the other one, and then just add more at a later date. It would be nice, but you can't trust everybody.

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    Great idea, adven!

    What tutorial are you working on?

    Edit: khakisrule, I definitely think it's worth the try... We'll see how it evolves.
    The new thread in Tutorials I started could also be used to post request/suggestions for tutorials.

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    Well, the thing is that any tutorials I write from now on won't be posted here on antionline, but they will be submitted to MsMittens for the antionline newsletter.
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