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    I think I need to put out a Good programming practices and programming logic tutorial (I'll try to have it done by thursday). I may right a tutorial on buffer over flows and PHP if I get around to it but I make no promises.
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    I'm currently considering writing the following tuts:

    SQL Logging:
    Part I: Build your own IDS tripwire with IIS/SQL
    Part II Build your own realtime webs stats package with IIS/SQL

    Scripting internet connections:
    Part III: Writing a vulnerability scaner
    (NOTE: - I'm undecided as to if I should post this one - Does the world really need another "whistler" script for the kiddies to exploit?)

    Web Programming:
    Part I: Class Based ASP
    Part II: Encapsulating Business decision logic within ActiveX controls

    Securing IIS:
    Part II: SQL injection
    (NOTE: - Again I'm undecided as to if I should post this one - I will if I can write it so it isn't just documentation of an exploit for the kiddies to copy)
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    My C Programming Tutorial Series is stuck for a while, what with me being busy and all. Expect chapter 5 when you see it.
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    working on writing a Tutorial about ICQ, about the insecurity and all the Bugs in it.

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    Anybody think i should right part 2 of my flash tutorial?
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    I'm working on a full SWiSH tutorial, posting it by sections...I have part one up already, looks like it's going to be turning into a book.

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    - Writing portable PHP code
    - Introduction to PHP
    - Showing the source in PHP
    - Form validation using JavaScript

    I'll be writing a few more soon too, as you can see they're mostly PHP-biased. since that's the main language that I know. If anyone wants to see a HTML tutorial, let me know because I've been hand-coding everything for four years now and it's about time I shared my knowledge/experience.
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    I could do any number of tutorials on best practices of supporting production servers(windows, or unix) in a orporate environment. I could also do tutorials on a wide range of email related topics as this is my area of specialty. However, these are not really security related, and I've not seen that there would be a wide interest here for those types of docs. Let me know though if there is anything specific related to those topics you would like to see though. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

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    I am working on a crc ( cycle redudance check ) tutorial.
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    hmmmmm not sure if it would be usefull but i can post brittish to american english...... like phrases...... just to keep some confussion down, i know these brittish phrases are hard to understand...... then again, someone didnt understand what 'flip the bird' ment so, mabee americans not that easy either.......

    i just feel like itd be a good tut sence im an american living in scotland..... kinda like a translation dictionary.... or a phrase book....... like you get from english to french or something : je ne c'est pa = i do not know...... like that but for american and brittish

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