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    No asbestos was applied above the 78th floor, because federal regulations changed and prohibited its application. Instead, workers on the upper floors applied a non-asbestos fireproofing that was not as fire resistant. With better fireproofing, Morse said, the towers "probably would have held up a little longer."
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    thats because all, if not most, of the fireproofing applied was blasted off by the initial explosion, due to full tanks of fuel. even if they had used aerogel, which keeps in/out over 99% of the heat, it too would probably have been blasted off by the initial explosion.
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    Asbestos may be a good fireproofing, it also is a cancer-causative agent.
    I remember that, some 10 years ago, all Belgian buildings containing asbestos had to be demolished because of that - one of them being the UN-building...
    I assume that's what the 'federal regulations' is referring to...

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