While reading posts on AO, I ran across mention of a site that would check FTP/Download programs for a user before installation for possible security exploits. Unfortunately . . . I did not make note of the site and have been unable to locate the correct thread again, nor was I able to locate any via Google. (Of course, I could very well be using the wrong subject for my searches but have tried various ones to no avail.) What I need is a secure Download Manager program. The program would be for a single user, running Win98se . . . with functioning Firewall and AV in place. I have tried quite a few but most have problems capturing URLs from redirects, have no per/file option of where to save files, are too slow, do not provide logs, etc. I had been using MassDownloader until their upgrade to v2.3 and files would hang just before completion or the file size kept being exceeded (something possibly gaining access through the connection). The features offered and the small program size were everything I needed, plus the ease of use . . . the question of the programs security was the big issue. If someone could point me in the right direction of the site or has suggestions, questions . . . whatever - I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.