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    Has anyone heard about the new security effort being put forth by micro$oft? It requires you to buy a new computer, and other hardware devices...... BWahahahahahahahaahah

    these guys have to be out of their mind.
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    And now for something completely paranoid:

    <conspiracy theory>
    So, are these new chips going to be M$ only? Could this really be a bigger plot to transition everyone back to Winblowz by releasing hardware that is only compatible with Winblowz? It seems to me that to make this technology work, they would have to make it so the hardware cannot run any other "non-approved" OS, otherwise someone would find a bypass to it. Sounds to me like someone's sig I've seen around here:
    Ein Reich
    Ein Volk
    Ein OS
    </conspiracy theory>

    To be honest, I don't see this new M$ initiative succeeding. Many people are irked already about having to buy M$ sanctioned products to stay competative, let alone having to buy M$ sanctioned hardware. Perhaps this is Linux's chance to really take over the home desktop market?
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    Newsweek has an interesting article on the subject

    Newsweek has an interesting article in this weeks edition. Written by Steven Levy, it goes over the basic points of how microsoft hopes the system will work and what can be accomplished using it. All in all it sounds like a good system, but you have to end up trusting microsoft...The major down side to the whole thing (which gets pointed out in the article) is that it will only work once large numbers of people use it and that you have to get all new hardware. We'll have to wait and see...

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    he will watch closely to ensure the company doesn't try to use Palladium to control the world's software markets.
    hahahha. I think it's all said there. Looks like Microsoft is taking monoply to another level.
    would be able to distinguish safe software from data containing viruses or other malicious computer code.
    How would this be done? Would the OS and hardware only let programs approved by Microsoft to be run? Would you be able to install a *nix OS on one of these...'secure' systems?
    But other than that, if Microsoft, against all odds, somehow succeeds in making a relatively secure OS + hardware, 5 stars to them. But who's going to stop the crackers from using the secure systems to crack the secure systems? Get my drift?
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    Basically, it gives MS and whatever people they make deals with complete control over your computer. T-minus 10 years until set top box, and counting...
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    More from today's Washington Post

    The notion of hard-wired authentication rings alarms for conspiracists who sense a plot by which Microsoft might exert even more control over what kind of software could run on future computers. The Redmond behemoth dismisses such talk as silly.
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    Ok get this... this quote is from a conversation with a certain PC manufacturer about getting hold of a "System Restore" CD..

    The reason that the CD's are not supplied with the systems is that Micro$oft was loosing $ because of copies... the CD's were being used on non-OEM equipment
    does this mean there is a gaping hole in the XP product activation in certain OEM (read big name) manufacturers Restore or Image CD's..??

    It seems they knew that the software approach to piracy wouldn't work.. like their "security" features.. so hardware was the only other frontier..

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    I posted a couple links last weekend you can find it here http://www.antionline.com/showthread...ight=Palladium
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