Hello Everyone!

I tried IRC, so now I'm just going to ask everyone...

Does anyone know of a way, or a FREE program to allow for the automatic export of ISA server monitoring reports into HTML or e-mails. I know you can do a "save-as" for the reports, but that is a manual task, and I'm looking for an automatic solution. Basically, the file that the monitoring reports creates are just Jet databases, so they are somewhat useless unless I make my own reporting tool which extracts the info from it.

Basically my boss wants to see these files, and I don't want him remotely accessing the server to look at them, as the only way you can view the formated data is through ISA server's built in report viewer (which is not a component, and doesn't seem to be installable outside of ISA server).

Please let me know if you've had any experience with it, or have any very bright ideas on how to use this Jet database to make something useful without spending more than let's say 2 hours designing it.