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Thread: helppp...silly Question..

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    helppp...silly Question..

    any one can tell me..how to make dissapeared of SELF TEST comp..at start up..(when I turn on my laptop ..TOSHIBA logo...always come up(as..SELF TEST)..and that's bothering me.

    Is that SECURE......if I'm trying to make disappeared of that TOSHIBA LOGO???

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    try holding down one of the F1-F12 buttons at startup untill you get into your BIOS settings. then i think you change the POST (power on self test) option to quick boot. you might have it on full boot. hope that might help

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    I have an IBM laptop, and when i get the logo it is set on quickboot, but when i change it to POST boot ( i think) there is no more logo :-). Try changing them around, and you should make it go bye bye forever.

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