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Thread: office VS. virus

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    Cool office VS. virus

    A few weeks back my at my mom's job there was a virus and everyday that her COworkers would rush anti-virus through a clean terminal in hopes of cleaning the rest of the networks. Anyways it kept coming back eventually it went away. Some1 downloaded some bad code and it was screwing things up bad. The great thing about it is me, mom, & only like 5 0r 6 other peaple even knew about it, they just said there was technical difficulty and then closed the bridge off bettween the other networks. They managed to prevent a mean pollymorph and prevent a possable local media feast. I just though you guys would want some good news rather than the occasional this got hit and that got hit kinda chit chat.

    Not only am I thankfull that this virus has been ~ZAPED~ but I am glad that my mom has resently got this job and is now a computer geek 2.

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    Do you know what name the virus went by? I ask because I had a similar problem but was never able to find anything that would actually identify the virus/worm/trojan (whatever it was) by name. Most of the scans used picked up nothing at all nor did reformatting the hard drive. I'm glad you finally got things cleaned up. Do you know what it was that finally cleaned the system? I'd be very interested in any information you could pass along. BTW 3 cheers for your Mom!
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    Vvirtho: Reformatting didn't clear out the virus? There are very few viruses that will survive a full format. It's possible that the problem you are experiencing is a configuration error, either within the client(s) or the server. What's the symptoms that you are/were experiencing? Maybe we can help figure it out for you...


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    Wow......why is TOXICSOLDIERS post getting so many negatives for this thread? I searched his other threads, maybe there was some objectional content there, but I don't really see any here, and I'm wondering why the negatives are flying in his direction for this post. If it has to do with his previous posts, then your ethics are off.

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