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    discussion forums

    I think it'd be great if when you go to a person's profile, there is a little bar graph there showing how many posts they've made in the various discussions.
    Also, I think it'd be very kewl if after you've made most of your posts in one forum (like say maybe Cosmos and you would receive the title of <handle> The Philosopher).
    Just some ideas......
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    Your handel is right here, man. Besides its just post not essays.

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    When i look at mine or anyone elses name i can see how many post's they made, and when i click on it i see what sections they posted in.

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    Maybe the handle bit should only be if you start a certain amount (like 50 or something) of threads in a specific forum.
    Don't know about the profile one though...

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    i really don't think enough people care.
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    I think it's a cute idea, personally....If you're a joke junkie, then you could be someone like The Joker...or something like that....or General Chit-Chat, The Chatter Box....If you're constantly posting tutorials, you could be The Professor....

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    i think that not enough people care. besides... it would be too many people with the same or similar titles, we already have the title of member, senior member, etc.
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