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Thread: wireless linux

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    wireless linux

    This is a short tutorial on Prism2, orinoco and linksys wireless pcmcia cards.

    Antionline in a nutshell
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    Been a while since I walked into a thread and didn't smell gas....
    bout time you posted something worth while again hogfly
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    <deep ominous voice>
    After his great trial of the wireless networks in the dungeon of linux, the gallant hogfly created the tutorial of light, to henceforth banish the evil plague of wireless vileness. And there was great rejoicing in the halls throughout the lands of the noo bees. And hogfly was celebrated as a hero of the land, forever etched into their culture, for having defeated so great a foe.
    </deep ominous voice>

    Good tut hog.
    Chris Shepherd
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