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Thread: Importing PST files into Outlook

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    Importing PST files into Outlook

    Hello all! I'm wanting some information about a problem I am having.

    I have placed three PST files (Calendar.pst, Rolodex.pst, and Tasks.pst) onto a Outlook backup folder on my hard drive. I went to import the three onto my Outlook. The Calendar didn't appear to have all of the information and in acutality it gave me an error: "The source and destination folders of the operation cannot be the same." The Tasks doesn't appear to have imported, yet I get no error message. Finally, the Rolodex gives me a bizarre format where the title of the entry is either blank or has the word Fax as its title.

    Can somone please help me? I do have Outlook 2000.


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    It sounds like (at least for the Calendar) that it's already using that file as it's main PST file. Are you set up using a Personal Folder or Outlook Folder (or whatever it's called...)? If you set up to use Outlook rather than the Personal Folders, they should import properly. As for appearing not to have all of the information, whatever is in there will be imported... it's possible that when you exported it originally, there was information missing.

    As for the Tasks not being imported, are you sure that you exported them? When you exported everything into your Tasks, is it possible that you accidentally did not click the check box next to the Tasks folder for exporting? That would explain that problem...

    Finally, I'm not sure why the Rolodex gives you a bizarre format. I'm assuming the Rolodex was the Contact List? Does everything besides the title show up properly into your Contact List? If so, then you simply have to go into the settings and change what appears as the title (ensure that the full name or last name, or whatever you want to sort by is the title). That should fix it. Hope these suggestions help.


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    When you import it. Check "allow duplicates". That should fix it.
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