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Thread: Networks with bothXp and Win 9x into.

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    Networks with bothXp and Win 9x into.

    I noticed a strange thing on networks with both XP and non-XP into.
    I tried with several Win 9x different versions networking with XP pro.

    In first: I configure normally, I connect... It doesn't work (not any comunication). ok

    In second: I use the XP network utility (on the cd) to configure all my network... It doesn't work again. ok

    In third: I activate netbios on the Win 9x computers... It works!!

    I don't know why XP/Win 9x networks need to have netbios activate but it is (for me) the only way to make it work.

    Have you info or coments on this?
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    You shouldn't need Netbios, though I know many people who have older computers networked which do use it. If you create static IPs for each machine, along with the same subnet and workgroup name, you should only require "Client for Microsoft Network" and "TCP/IP" for your ethernet adapter. It's not really going to hurt if you use netbios anyway... just be happy that it works. :-)


    PS: Sorry if I got some of the terminology wrong, I haven't used a 9x machine in a very long time, especially on a network.

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    Avdven is right, at home i have three boxes (XP, ME, W95) running only IP, no netbios. At the office some 95 machines (XP, W95, NT4) all on IP, no netbios as well. Any how it will not hurt you.
    How is the config you are doing?
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    It is the standard config with tcp/ip and Microsoft client.
    It's strange I'm the only poor guy having this!
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    install netbeui from the vauleadd folder on the cd and try then.
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    I originally had this problem, but my solution was as bad as putting gum on a leaky pipe.

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