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    Respecting is different. Respect is very different, like adven said, he stood up, but he didn't recite it. It isn't matter of respect. It is a matter of beliefs.

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    First off, why so pissy? I never said the u.s. sucked or anything even remotely to that effect. I don't mind getting negs, but this is asinine. Since when can anyone dispute the hypocracy of the U.S.? Since when can anyone dispute the hypocracy of any gov't?

    BTW-I live in Jamiaca. And with the way you people are behaving I'd just as soon visit Russia then your part of the states. So it's only the gov't that needs to uphold freedom of speech? It's not your personal responsibility? I thought it was everyone responsibility in the u.s. to uphold the basis of what your country was founded on, I must be misinformed.

    Thank you all for clarifying this for me.

    P.S. Your caps lock is on.
    America - Land of the free, home of the brave.

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    I hate liberal ****nuts. Let the negs fly! :-P

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