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Thread: How to Build and Manage a Good Website Version 1.0

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    Post How to Build and Manage a Good Website Version 1.0

    This is a small tutorial I made and will be coming out with much larger and more information based one's in the future. Enjoy! P.S- It is directed towards the newbies.

    Being that this is Version 1.0, the future version's are as follows.

    Version 1.0 -- Basic Website Management
    Version 2.0 -- Basic/Advanced PhP Site Making
    Version 3.0 -- CGI- A Portal to the Common Gateway Interface
    Version 4.0 -- The Key to Cross-Site Scripting/JavaScript Techniques
    Version 5.0 -- (Yet To Be Decided)

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    Umm, those would be issue 1 through 5, considering version means that you are modiying the original, but hey, I guess I am just being a pain..

    Good job...
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    but only for your enemy\"
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    Lmfao, Thanks man. Im currently writing Volume/Issue/Whatever 2.0 right now. Should be out next week or so. Im working hard on it. Thanks!

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    Nice tutorial....... I like it alot.

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    Hey all.. Sorry for the delay, but Version/Issue 2.0 is on it's way! It might not be php it might, but it is on it's way thanks to people who have suggested I make Issue 2. Thanks all! --JCHostingAdmin

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    We are all looking forward to it JC. I could use some tips on PHP for a certain portal. You are gonna help, huh?

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    Of course I'll help! But, however, Jethro is better at php than I am so I'd recommend him to you. But yip, my next tut in this series will be out soon!

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