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    OMG... one phrase.....there is a limit to intelligence.......but GOD is there no end to stupidity???? this woman should have been in the towers, Sorry if this is out of taste, but I wish the towers had been filled with al of the idiots that like her instead of the innocent that died that day. Then we could have rejoiced instead of been saddened and heartbroken. I knew people that died in the tragedy. I would gladly trade this idiot's life for theirs.
    M$ support is like shooting yourself in the left foot and then putting a band-aid on the right one.

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    My mom was in the WTC and didnt make it out so for this bitch of a vegetarian to start comparing the death of the protein providers is ludicrous. I think we should feed her to the chickens. I dont give a **** about these feathered birds unless they are sitting in front of me on a platter. I dont think i can eat chickens without thinking of this chicken enthusiast. But I'll will make sure to salvage every last bite to show her she can go screw herself.

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    LOL Chickens over humanity.The woman is obviously a few french fries short of a happy meal , but what can i tell ya?Like GURL said , what is this world coming to ?
    "Serenity is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it."

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    I'm not sure how I should respond to an article like that. Its tough to teach the truely ignorant people of this world. Some people really just want to live in their own little world.
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