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Thread: AIM Password Recovery

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    AIM Password Recovery

    I have been on the neighborhood google.com for a while now, looking for a AIM Password Recovery tool that does NOT require the user to have saved his/her password to the computer. I assume it would be a bot of sorts, to keep entering passwords in the box.

    I understand I should probably just make a new SN and forget the old one, oh well...worth a shot?


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    Yup, Create a new one.


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    There's a link on the AIM page somewhere that lets you send a new password to the email account which you registered when you first signed up for your AIM login ID. While I don't like the feature, it works... and, if you're the type to forget passwords, you should take advantage of the feature (and if you stupidly manage to use /someone else's/ address at random, don't be surprised when you can no longer login to the service).
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