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Thread: For anyone who has been to pricewatch.com...

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    For anyone who has been to pricewatch.com...

    I noticed that some comps with the exact same specs have different prices...ones that are called "top systems" are higher priced then "mid systems". My question is why are these "top systems" are higher priced then the "mid systems" if they have the same specs. Someone clear this up for me. Thanks

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    Basically it comes down to the quality of the parts used. For example ram. There are two type of ways to make ram. One way is to make it with tin contacts, and the other, gold contacts. The reason for this is because tin contacts tend to degrade and lose some functionality. The gold contacts tend to last much, much longer. It is small differences like this that will make a system, with the same specs, different prices. I can say this computer comes with a 1.6Ghz processor, and you won't know if its a P4 processor, an AMD Athlon, or a celleron processor. Little things like this. Not to mention cheaper boards with limited expandability and other specifics. Hope that cleared it up for you.

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