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Thread: Attempted backdoor/subseven attacks!

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    Attempted backdoor/subseven attacks!

    Hi guys

    I just got around to installing a new Norton Personal Firewall on my laptop two days ago, and just last night i had 10 attempted attacks from two people using the backdoor.subseven trojan!
    What i am concerned about is, if these attacks occured just one day after installation of the firewall, then there is a good chance that someone has attempted intrusion with this trojan prior to the firewall installation.

    I did a full system scan using Norton AV 2002 which reported the system was clean. Could this trojan be lurking, being undetected by the AV s/w?

    I have emailed the webmaster of each ip's ISP but have had no response as of yet!

    Help appreciated!



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    Don't worry about it. This just means that Norton is doing it's job. My network gets sub7 scans on a regular basis. As long as you don't have or are infected with the server. You have nothing to worry about from simple scans.
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    you could download tauscan from http://www.agnitum.com/products/tauscan just to be safe better safe than sorry eh
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