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Thread: Ultimate tutorial for Multiproxy

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    I hope everyone enjoy's this tutorial as much as I did! And I am sorry for all the PONGS, Colors , etc...

    1) Start by copying the proxy list

    2) Paste the "Proxies" that you just copied to "Notepad".

    3) Click on "File".

    4) Choose the "Save As..." option.

    5)Save the "Notepad" file as a .txt file titled "166 Proxies.txt" (or something similar).

    6) Next Open MultiProxy 1.2 up and choose the "Option" button

    7) if you are using a firewall then you need to either lower it or configure to accept traffic on ports 8088 & 8081 and accept the IP of BEFORE PROCEEDING ANY FURTHER)

    8)Next, click on the "Proxy servers list" tab and choose the "Menu" option.

    9)Next, choose "Files" and the "Import proxy list..." option.

    10)Next, find and open the "166 Proxies.txt" that you saved earlier.

    11) A "pop-up" alert will appear saying that you need to check your new proxies.

    Simply click "Okay".

    12) Click on the "Menu" button again.

    13) Choose "Proxy list" from the menu and from there choose the "Test all proxies" option.

    14) Next, you will see MultiProxy testing the proxy servers

    15) When MultiProxy finishes testing the servers, go back to the "Proxy server list" screen and make sure that at least MOST of the proxy servers have a green dot next to them as shown (*note some proxies toward the bottom will probably have a red dot next to them because they are either down or not responding, be sure though that at least SOME OF THEM are responding)

    16)16) If you want you can click on the "Advanced options" tab to make sure that they look similar to mine.

    17) Next open up Internet Explorer and choose the "Tools" option (*note- if you are using a different browser then refer to the instructions on the MultiProxy site)

    18) Choose the "Internet Options..." feature.

    19) Click on the "Connections" tab.

    20)Next, choose the "LAN Settings..." option.

    21) Check the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" box and fill in the "Address:" and "Port:" fields as shown below.

    22) Click "Apply" and then "Okay" and you're done!

    Simply copy them to "Notepad" and save them as a .txt file and then use the "Import" feature to load them into MultiProxy.

    PHP Code:
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    post this in the tutorials forum d00d not the general chit chat :P

    oh btw. easy nice step-by-step tutorial, will be very useful for ppl unfamiliar with the use and testing of proxies.
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    Dude if your just going to be an butthole about it don't ****ing reply to my THREADS! I put the tutorial here because I can. I f I wanted to post in the tutorials section I would have done so! But thanks for the constructive criticism!

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