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    Linksys Router Configuration Tutorial - Part 3

    Ok Guys here is part 3 which will cover port forwarding and router security.

    Take a look at the file linksysportforward.jpg that's in the zip archive. Once you see it I think it's pretty self explanatory how to use it. You just enter the ports you want forwarded, the protocol(s) and the internal IP's of the server(s) in the right spots and hit Apply. Do not forward ports that you don't absoutely need to forward as it will let the whole world in at your server on the ports you selected. Now let's talk about the logging. The log file in the Zip file (linksyslog) has the logging screenshot in it. The logs will show the IP's and port numbers that have accessed the router, both incoming and outgoing . The file Linksyssec in the zip file goes over security settings. You should block Wan pings from outside the router, this will make you invisible to the Net . DO NOT ENABLE REMOTE MANGEMENT AND UPGRADE UNLESS YOU NEED IT!!!!!!. One final note: change the router's default password under the password tab.

    This finishes it off...if anybody has anymore questions just ring

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    Nice, your always good at explaining dude!

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    Awww, you got XP. I can't wait until I get XP. And how do you connect to the linksys router with that interface? Actually, I'll just go back in your other linksys tutorials and figure it out. Cool tutorial, thanks for it. I was just thinking of getting a router.

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    u can connect to the rounter interface with the ip on a pc attached to the rounter i belive
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